The Mystery and the Masterpiece

A unique perspective on the discussion of marriage, as a picture painted by a master artist. 

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What people are saying...

Ron Deal: 

"God tells us of his deep desire and passion for us in multiple ways: through words ("for God so loved the world"), actions ("that he gave"), and symbolic aspects of our design that touch the soul, the most intimate of which is sexuality. In this insightful book Randy Blankenship, Sr. reveals what God has hidden in plain site for his people from day one, that is, what sex tells us about God and his relationship with his people. Provocative and compelling, I couldn't put the manuscript down. Discover what was always in front of you, but just out of touch. Discover the message of marriage and sexuality about God, you, and your eternal future." 

Ron L. Deal, marriage and family author, speaker, and therapist

Author of The Smart Stepfamily and The Smart Stepfamily Marriage

Dave Williams

Never before have I read a book quite like The Mystery and the Masterpiece regarding the higher purpose of marriage, sex, and fidelity.  Unafraid to tackle intimate, nitty-gritty themes, Randy skillfully and tenderly presents astonishingly fresh insights into the marriage covenant and its ‘bigger picture’ connection with authentic worship of God.

Dave Williams, Director of Dave Williams Ministries

Bishop, Mount Hope Church Network

Author, The Art of Pacesetting Leadership

Doug Oss: 

The Mystery and the Masterpiece introduces author and Christian thinker, Randy Blankenship, to a broader readership. Randy has written a superb, and profoundly reflective, monograph on biblical marriage that is sure to inspire and guide couples into increased intimacy, spiritual connectivity, fulfillment, and personal effectiveness. The core of the book is the core of God’s created order—the union of a man and a woman within the context of a promise to each other that we often call the covenant of marriage. This is what Blankenship identifies as the central relationship that God has ordained for human relationships. He explains that marriage reflects also our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and God the Father. A practical and thought-provoking exploration of biblical, Godly marriage.

Doug Oss, Ph.D.

Former Director of the Cordas C. Burnett Center for Biblical Preaching at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary & Professor of Biblical Theology and New Testament Interpretation

Russ Turney: 

We have known Randy Blankenship since he and Sharon came as a young missionary couple to the Philippines.  His commitment to modeling a Christian marriage was important then as he shared the gospel in a variety of settings.  In this book, his passion for a healthy, intimate marriage which mirrors a close relationship between the believer and Christ is evident.  During these times we need healthy marriages that reflect a deep, intimate relationship between followers of Christ and the heavenly bridegroom who is returning soon for his bride. May this book inspire Christian couples to be godly examples to those around them.

J. Russell Turney

Asia Pacific Mission Director, Assemblies of God World Missions

Dan Mundt: 

The Mystery and the Masterpiece is wonderfully written and wisely thought through. This book is much needed in a society where what is right and wrong is blurred by popular culture. Even more so, the cultural phenomenon of our day has created a void in training Christians how to talk about these important subjects with truth and love. Blankenship does a masterful job at combining what is said in the Bible with how God wants to show His love to people. This book will encourage and equip readers to hear how God is communicating this wonderful truth.

Daniel Mundt, M.A.

Heartland District Supervisor of the Foursquare Church  

Ron Rand: 

There are many canyons but only one Grand Canyon!  Many have seen it from a rim; few from the bottom where many hidden wonders are revealed.  Randy Blankenship guides us into the depths of God’s Grand original and continuing purpose for marriage. 

Sod is the Hebrew word describing the deepest-concealed meaning of the Scriptures.  Randy opens our eyes to discover amazing nuances few books uncover.  He takes us to the theological bedrock of marriage in a most refreshing way!  This book will impact your view of marriage and your awe of God through it!    

Ron Rand, Director of UpBuilding Ministries

Ty Wyss

"For so long the church has been content with a conservative view of sexuality but has failed to provide the why behind God’s beautiful, covenantal design.  Randy goes far beyond (and above) the ethics and morality of sexuality, and hits to the heart of a more compelling “why” of godly sexual expression.  This view of sex within marriage actually provides a redemptive take that gives way to greater passion, better sex, and more fulfilling marriage relationships." 

Ty Wyss

Founder and Director of Walls Down Ministries

Counseling Pastor, Living Truth Church, Carmel, Indiana

Director of Soul Spring Counseling