New Year - New Opportunities!

At New Life Church, we are looking forward to getting the new year started! I know some people view New Year's Eve and New Year's Day as "just another day". In some ways that is true, but it is a reminder of a new beginning - and a reminder that we have the opportunity to start again. Christianity is about a new beginning, and I'm looking forward to a fresh start and making a fresh commitment in my own personal walk with Christ as this new year begins. I invite you to join me! 

This Sunday we will have one service only - at 11 a.m. Kyle Sadler will be teaching. Kyle & Anna (my son-in-law & daughter) are laying the foundation for a new church in the Indianapolis area. They are raising funds (supported by New Life Missions), receiving guidance from other church planting leaders, conducting leadership training with people who will be part of their core group leadership team, and talking to pastors and community groups in the area. As they are, they are receiving positive feedback from people in the community about another ministry beginning in an area where so many people are not yet connected to Christ or His Church. There is a lot of preparation for a successful launch, much like the preparation for a new birth! You don't want the baby to come too son! We are excited for Sunday and I know Kyle will bring an encouraging message to us! 

We will return to our regular schedule for Wednesdays on January 4th, and for Sundays on January 8th. 

January 8-15 is our Group Week and we have several new groups that will be offered for the New Year! 

Year End Giving - If you desire to have a gift to New Life Church recorded for your 2016 tax records, make sure you give here before midnight Saturday -

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